Online Training

The core of Online Training is to teach, as simply and cost effectively as possible, certain portions of the Vantage Solutions. The Online course work creates a reference guide for the dealer to use as a learning and reference tool. It also allows us to deploy installation specifics in video format that can be a great step-by-step guide. This section of the Training is constantly being added to, so check back often looking for updates.

Infusion Foundation Training

Infusion Foundation Training is required for those wishing to be Vantage Dealers. These Modules cover the core products involved within a Vantage System. To list a few of these topics: we discuss detail use and capabilities of many Vantage products, wiring topologies and limits, adding these products into Design Center, and system size abilities.

Reference Library

Within this Library you will find training on Individual Vantage products, Equinox Widgets, Programming Examples, Industry training on topics such as LED Dimming, 3rd Party Driver Tools